Friday, December 29, 2017

Cardinal Cupich Presents


Cardinal Blase Cupich presents
Developing Cardinal Bernardin's Consistent Ethic of Life 
to an Consistent Ethic of Solidarity

The Faith Formation Commission is elated that Cardinal Cupich is speaking on such a timely topic.  Please plan to join us:

Thursday, February 1, 2018
6 p.m.
Parish Center Auditorium

For more information, contact Dr. Kenneth Ortega,

JAVA & JUSTICE: Meet Millennials Who Are Making a Difference

January can be a month of reflection on how fortunate we may be.
Join us for a couple of evenings  for some fair trade coffee and presentations from some young advocates for justice. 
Both non-profit organizations will sponsor Lenten events at Holy Name Cathedral.
Get the inside scoop on these new adventures. For more information, contact Ken Ortega, or 312– 573– 4434

Taller de Jose

Monday, February 5                  Cafeteria                 6:30 p.m.

Located in Little Village of Chicago, this community resource center offers accompaniment to people in need of social and legal services.
A joint Lenten experience will be introduced during the evening.

Catholic Extension Society

Monday, January 29                  Cafeteria                 6:30 p.m.

Founded in 1905, this papal organization provides funds for isolated and/or financially under-resourced dioceses in the United States and its territories.  Currently, resources are assisting with hurricane-strickened mission dioceses, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.
Learn about the unique partnership between Holy Name Cathedral and Catholic Extension for Lent 2018

The Faith Formation Commission  conducted a truly inspiring Art Fair to commence  the Advent Season, December 2.  Thank you to all participants mingling and viewing the artwork submitted by 20 local artists.  It was remarkable to see the varying media of art on display, designed to express Advent:  A Journey of Hope.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Faith Formation Commission at Tolten Tea

The Faith Formation Commission sponsored a table of edible delights at the Annual Tolten Tea.
In addition members of the commission interacted with guests, and explained the many formative opportunities offered by Holy Name Cathedral. They are blue ribbon winners by my estimation!

Pictured are:
Julie Yacopino, Kenneth Ortega, Deb Sabes, Tasha Robinson, and Caroline Devlin

This original painting was created by Grace Yarbro  for the Faith Formation Commission, and will be "on loan" from the Ken Ortega Office Collection for the Artistic Impressions of Advent:  Journey of Hope, December 2, 2017.  Come view it in person as well as the many other artistic impressions.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Artistic Impression of Advent: A Journey of Hope

The Faith Formation Commission
at Holy Name Cathedral

Call for Creative Submissions

For the art event
Artistic Impressions of Advent: A Journey of Hope

December 2nd, 2017
6:30-8:30 pm
Parish Center Cafeteria

All ages and skill levels are encouraged to submit artwork. Non-parishioners as well.

To secure your spot at this event, or for more information, contact Jill McLean
by email: or the HNC rectory at (312)-787-8040.

Even if you are not submitting art, mark your calendars now for what will be a powerful, evening of sharing and exploring artistic representations of hope and inspiration.

Accepted mediums: Painting, drawing, printmaking, small sculpture, collage and photography.

In the spirit of messages of the Advent season, consider sharing your talents and visual interpretations of hope and inspiration!

Holy Name Cathedral’s Faith Formation Commission presents

Artistic Impressions of Advent:
A Journey of Hope

An art show

December 2, 2017  |  6:30-8:30 pm  |  Parish Center Cafeteria – 751 N State St.

Mark your calendars now for what will be a powerful evening of
sharing and exploring artistic representations of Advent.

All work by local artists. Among others, artworks include
painting, drawings, and photography.

Wine, beer, and hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Free and open to the public. Children are welcome.

For more information, please contact Kenneth Ortega at or (312) 787-8040.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Doctors of the Church: St. Peter Canisius

Saint Peter Canisius
Feast Day: December 21

Peter Canisius lived at a time of great friction among Christians. The chasm between Protestants and Catholics had become violent and bitter. Peter earned the respect of those from both sides of the dispute through his words and deeds. He was one of the earliest members of the Jesuit order and had many achievements including:
  • forming several colleges and universities, 
  • influencing the emergence of the Catholic press and 
  • authoring Catechisms of the Catholic faith that could be embraced by common people and children. 
Peter was endeared for setting an example for Christian living through his acts of caring for the sick and visiting prisoners even with demanding responsibilities and a hectic schedule. He is believed to have traveled over 20,000 miles on horseback and by foot during his lifetime. Peter once wrote, “If you have too much to do, with God’s help you will find time to do it all”.

Peter engaged non-Catholics with openness and compassion. He once wrote “It is plainly wrong to meet non-Catholics with bitterness or to treat them with discourtesy. For this is nothing else than the reverse of Christ’s example because it breaks the bruised reed and quenches the smoking flax. We ought to instruct with meekness those whom heresy has made bitter and suspicious, and has estranged from orthodox Catholics, especially from our fellow Jesuits.”

In 1547 he attended the Council of Trent. Because he was widely respected by Protestants, Peter was tasked to deliver the Council’s decrees to the eastern Bishops and throughout a hostile Germany after earlier attempts had ended in violence and theft.

At an early age, he authored books on Leo the Great and Saint Cyril that became quite popular. Later his Catechism focused on three primary pillars, wisdom, justice and the sacraments. The concepts of faith, hope, charity and performing good vs. evil were important messages for followers to comprehend in the combative age in which they lived.

Peter had deep faith in Catholicism and God’s intervention. “The fear of many people is greater than necessary, because they look for human and not divine help: they act in despair instead of praying with holy confidence for the oppressed Church.”

Peter Canisius had many talents, but his ability to set an example of faith and love through his actions made him effective at breaking down barriers so his message could be heard. His efforts were instrumental in the Catholic Renewal and the conversion of many Protestants in Austria, Bavaria and Bohemia. Peter became revered as the Second Apostle of Germany for spreading Catholicism through this land in a manner rivaled only by Saint Boniface.

  • Do I worry too much and not pray enough? How can I set aside my fear?
  • Is my example to others as caring, open, and humble as it could be? How can I improve?
  • What simple ways can I find to show the world what being Catholic means?
By: Carl Casareto
Faith Formation Commission