Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Into the Silence

If there is nothing else that our society is good at, it is being noisy. As I sit in my office noise filters from other offices. Horns, sirens, voices, construction, even the barks of dogs find their way through the closed window of my office. Though my phone is on mute, it draws my attention with flash notifications and the worry that I have missed something important. Then there is my email inbox, my mental to do list, and the many other noises that clutter my daily life. Life today is noisy. 

In 1 Kings 19, we have the prophet Elijah looking to encounter the Lord. Elijah hears heavy winds (those of us in Chicago know about these), crushing rocks, falling mountains, earthquakes, and fire. Yet God is not in any of that cacophony. Rather, God is found in the tiniest of whispering sounds.

While God can cut through even the most chaotic, noisiest moment, it helps to draw away from the business and busy-ness of life so we are able to hear that whisper.

I invite you into the silence, into a space and time where you are able to be at rest and be open to the whisper of God.

Take time at the beginning and end of your day to sit in silence with God. 

Consider signing up for a retreat. Women of Holy Name Cathedral and the community are invited to the fall Women's Retreat October 14-16. This weekend retreat will offer time to encounter God through silence, reflection, fellowship, and Mass. For full details or to register please see this website. You can also contact Jennifer Delvaux, Director of Faith Formation at Holy Name Cathedral.